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Joy Roy, FGSV - Principal Researcher

Having a life long interest in family and connections, in the early 1970s I decided to document my family history. The search was interesting and eventually lead me to joining The Genealogical Society of Victoria [GSV].

After participating in many of the Societies activities I joined the Council of the GSV in 1990 and there after been actively engaged in the day to day operation of the Society, all this whilst being a full time employee of a major Australian airline.

For six years I was editor of the Society's journal Ancestor, and have edited and typeset several books, some titles being Headstones of the Footscray Cemetery, Papers of the 1st Australasian Scottish Conference, Barefoot and Pregnant: Irish Famine Orphans, Vol. 2 as well as the Proceedings for Congress 2003: Discoveries, Deadends and Databases.

My involvement in family history has been further extended with the conducting of classes both privately and for the GSV since 1990, and the presentation of papers at conferences, talks at Service Clubs i.e.: PROBUS, Rotary and View Clubs and Genealogical Societies in Australia. I have also travelled extensively in Australia and overseas in pursuit of my Family History.

Elected a Fellow of The Genealogical Society of Victoria, in recognition of my contribution to genealogy in 1998.

Lis Allan, FGSV, Dip F.H.S. - Researcher Maldon Museum + Archives

Lis has been researching her families for 25 years and has done extensive research in England, Ireland and Scotland. Some of Lis' families can go back to early 1600s.

Lis is a 5th generation Victorian. Her particular interests in research are hospital, hotel, school, police and clergy records of the Central Victorian areas plus the history of every person buried in the Maldon Cemetery.

Cheryl Rhind - Photographer

I have been researching my family tree for 10 years. I became interested in my ancestry when I realised that I had no idea how long my family had been in Australia. I have since discovered that I am 2nd generation on my paternal side, and 4th generation on my maternal side.

Like some of you I did not get seriously interested in tracing my tree until I found a computer program that could meet my needs. It needed to be easy to use and able to bring together the information I was collecting. I found that in Brother's Keeper.

My other interest, photography, lends itself well to family history research. By using a standard SLR camera and a scanner, or a digital camera, I can preserve images of where my ancestors lived, worked and died. These images add that extra dimension to my records.

Shirley Caulfield, Dip. F.H.S. - Researcher

In addition the her Australian research, Shirley travels to Ireland each year where she searches those hard-to-access records and discusses problems and options with local history societies.

In addition to searches, Shirley takes photographs, copies local area maps for closer identification of the place of interest, and can provide an outline of the social history of the ancestor's area around the time they migrated.


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